Do I need to speak Japanese?

No, need to worry!

Most Japanese people will be happy to try to speak any language they speak to talk to you.

If you do want to speak Japanese, that will be awesome too.

Can I go there alone?

Of course!

Most people come here by themselves.

Actually, you will have more chance to meet people because you won’t be sticking with your friends the entire time.

Can I join the party a little later?

Yes, of course!

You can enter or exit the party anytime.

I am shy.

Don’t worry!

The organizer and our staffs will introduce you to other people.

You can be shy and still meet people.

Any dress code?

No. Be yourself.

Just wear anything that can express yourself best.

What do I need to bring?

Some official ID (Residence Card, Passport, Military ID, or Japanese government issued ID).

How many people attend on the party?

It varies week by week, and venue by venue, but generally over 80 people on weekdays, over 100 people on weekends.

Please look at the event report.

What kind of people come?

A wide variety of people, different backgrounds, different nationality, every week new men and women come to our party.

What are the ages?

Again, it varies greatly but everyone must be at least 20.

The majority of men and women are in there late 20s or 30s, but we have plenty of people both younger and older.

Do I need a reservation? Can I attend the party without?

If you show up without a reservation, you need to pay more 500yen at the entrance.

What if I want to cancel?

Please request cancellation from HERE

No Cancellation fee.

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