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Sat, Jul 20, 7:00 PM

International Nihongo Night in Jiyugaoka【Travel Lovers Meetup and English Only Meetup are held simultaneously】

Date 7/20(Sat) 19:00~22:00
Place Irish pub Clann
Access 15 sec from Jiyugaoka Station South Exit
Address Noble Bld. 3F
1-8-18 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo
Entrance Fee Non-Japanese : 1000yen
Japanese Female :1000yen
Japanese male:2000yen
※No Reservation/+500yen from above
※Food & Drink : Cash Bar
Please order atleast One drink/ dish at the counter.
Food&Drink Cash Bar

This time, we will hold four events selected by FRON under the title “International FRON”.
The events held simultaneously are “English Only”, “Nihongo Night”, “30s Social Meetup ” and “Travel Lovers Meeting”.
I would like to go out to a Japanese night, but I am worried if the conversation continues or not, as “English Only” and “Travel Lovers Meeting” will be held simultaneously.
We recommend that if you want to try a Japanese night but you feel uneasy, you will be encouraged to participate.

For participants, it is, of course, to participate in the meeting you are looking for,It is possible to participate in other exchange meetings.

I think that this event should be a microcosm of a small world.
It would be nice if you could do it in one store, travel and interact with your own language.

It’s a great chance to meet cool people, make new friends, find language exchange partners, learn about other cultures, and even find romance in a casual atmosphere!

All people who are interested in international exchange are welcome!
Just come and have fun with everybody! 🙂

What's FRON's Nihongo EVENT?

This event is open for all levels of Japanese Speakers! Feel free to come and get the chance to practice speaking Japanese with Japanese native speakers in a casual atmosphere!

Non-Japanese people who want to speak Japanese and Japanese people who want to communicate with Non-Japanese people in Japanese will join this event. So please use Japanese language as much as you can in this event!

All people who are interested in speaking Japanese and international exchange are welcome!

Just come and have fun with everybody! :-)

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More Information

Party Style Freestyle / Standing-style
There are some seats too.
Cancellation No cancel fee. When you cancel, please use cancellation form.
What to bring ID (e.g. Passport, Foreign registration, Residence card)
Fashion No dress code. Any style is OK.
Others Accepted way entrance and exit

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