Event Report

Sat, Mar 19, 2:00 PM

Tokyo Yōkai Walking (Temples & Shrines Trip) in Ome

Tokyo Yōkai Walking (Temples & Shrines Trip) in Ome

We walked through Ome area!
Ome area is very famous for Japanese apricots, temples and shrines which are related to legend of Yōkai!


Although it’s said that it’s rainy that day, it’s fortunately blessed by the weather!!
You could feel the Showa(昭和) ara and traditional Japanese Culture.

There were a lot of objects of cat in the town.
You could actually meet with the cat too on the street♪

Here is the “Showa Retro Packaging Museum”!!
There were many retro goods.

You could know the literature of the Yuki-onna (ゆきおんな) & other Yokai stories!

Thank you for coming guys!
See you at next events!

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