Event Report

Tue, Mar 15, 2:00 PM

Tokyo Retro Yanesen Walking in Nippori


We walked through YANESEN(谷根千) area!
‘Yanaka(谷中), Nezu(根津) and Sendagi(千駄木)’ are called together ‘Ya-Ne-Sen’.

This tree is a 90-years-old!
It’s very big and overwhelming!

This is the Nezu Shrine, there are 1,000 Torii(鳥居)!!
You can see the 1,000 Torii in here Tokyo without going to Kyoto!

Compared with Kyoto, it’s very cute though!haha
We walked through the 1,000 Torii area.

Please be careful on the head when you walk!
By the way, you can build Torii in by 100,000 yen!
I don’t know if it’s expensive or not… Anyway, we enjoyed walking!!


Ginza Yanaka area

We walked to eat in Ginza Yanaka area!
There are a lot of original Japanese food!! So nice!

Thank you for coming guys!
See you at next events!

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