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Sun, Jul 10, 3:00 PM

Make Japanese friends and practice speaking Japanese!

Let’s make Japanese friends and practice speaking Japanese at Nihongo Party!

Are you learning Japanese?
Are you looking for a chance to speak Japanese with Japanese native speakers?

We regularly hold “Nihongo Party”!

On 7/9(Sat), about 50 people joined our first “Nihongo Party”!
Thank you for coming guys!

Let’s get an opportunity to practice your Japanese with a friendly native Japanese speakers through our Nihongo events!


Let’s polish up your Japanese at our events!

Do you want to gain more confidence in speaking Japanese?
Whether you are a Japanese learners or can speak “a little” Japanese, this event is perfect for you!

No one can speak Japanese fluently from the beginning.
The more you speak Japanese, the more your Japanese skill will improve!


More chances for Non-Japanese people to speak Japanese in Tokyo!

Our goal is to provide a place for Non-Japanese people and Japanese people to gather and talk in Japanese.
We hope our Nihongo party is a fun and friendly social event!

Although studying Japanese by yourself is important for your Japanese skills,
but it sometimes might be a bit lonely.

We would like to offer you more easily and friendly chances to learn Japanese.
Once you actually talk with Japanese people, you would pick up Japanese slung, natural Japanese, business Japanese and more!

Japanese participants for this event really want to communicate with Non-Japanese people in Japanese!
Why don’t you join us because many friendly Japanese people are waiting for you?

Look forward to meeting you guys at next Nihongo Party!


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