Event Report

Thu, Jun 23, 6:00 PM

How about making Japanese friends in Tokyo?

FRON International Party in Nakano

On 6/19(Sat) we held international party in Nakano.
This time over 100 people came to our party!

Thank you so much for coming guys!

Currently we are running free campaign for Non-Japanese people!
We are looking forward to meeting you guys next!


How about making new friends by FRON?

Every time many Japanese and Non-Japanese people join our party.

Do you have Japanese friends?
If you are interested in international exchange, join us!

Most of Japanese participants can speak English at our party.
So don’t worry about your Japanese skills!

In addition, they really have an interest in international exchange!


Let’s enjoy nice conversation at pubs and bars!

Our parties are held mainly at Irish and British pubs (Not Clubs)!
So it’s very casual atmosphere.

You can have a nice conversation with many people!

Of course, you can make not only Japanese friends but also other country’s friends here!

Thank you for reading until here!
Looking forward to meet you at next international party!

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