Event Report

Fri, Jun 10, 4:30 PM

Aoyama Sweets Party at Wine Bar

How’s Aoyama Sweets Party?

On 6/4(Sat) we held first sweets party at wine bar in Aoyama.
About 30 people came and had a good time on the day.

Thank you for coming♪


What’s menu of sweets buffet?

This time we prepared roll cakes, cheese cakes, chocolate shoe, apple pies and galette!

Galette is like a thin pancake.
Next time we will prepare different sweets♪ Don’t miss it!


Let’s chat with fun people over a drink and cakes♪


How about chatting with fun people in a relaxing atmosphere in the afternoon?
There are many couches too.

You will enjoy relaxing time and make new friends here♪
Looking forward to meeting you guys at next sweets party!

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