About FRON’s Party

What’s the difference between FRON’s party and other international parties?

Our parties are social networking and culture exchange parties for international minds in Tokyo!
Around 100 people typically join, so it’s a great place to meet cool people, make new friends, find language exchange partners, learn about other cultures, and even find romance in a casual party atmosphere!


1. Free entrance fee for Non-Japanese people!

We are running Free entrance campaign for Non-Japanese people!
You don’t need to pay for the entrance fee for FRON’s international party if you are Non-Japanese.

You can make new friends for free at our party!
Just come and have fun with everybody! 🙂


2. Parties are held at Pubs, Bars and stylish Restaurants!

We throw our parties at different major bars, pubs and stylish restaurants.
So loud music isn’t played unlike clubs, you can enjoy talking with other people in a great atmosphere.


3. Good balance between Japanese and Non-Japanese people!

※Average of 20 international parties on weekdays.

※Average of 30 international parties on Saturday.

※Average of 10 international parties on Sunday.

You can find both Japanese and Non-Japanese friends at our parties!


4. Any language speakers are welcome!

Most Japanese people will be happy to try to speak any language they speak to talk to you.
If you do want to speak Japanese, that will be awesome too.


5. You can come alone!

Are you coming alone? Don’t need to worry!
Most people come to our party by themselves!

Actually, you will have more chance to meet people because you won’t be sticking with your friends the entire time.
Looking forward to meeting you at next party!

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